About Me

I’ve learned to make code small, simple, and readable. My aim is prolific and expeditious code output while maintaining quality. I make loosely-coupled components, understandable abstractions, and low-ceremony frameworks.

As a programmer, my first principle is user experience. Like most of us, I am disappointed by lousy software every day, and I use that dissatisfaction to set a high standard for my work. The first end user is the next person who must understand and add to the code.

As a teammate and leader, I am devoted to friendliness and respect. I am a good communicator, love sharing my knowledge, and learning from others.


  • Consciousness of mainstream & emerging technology and trends.
  • Quickly vetting and adapting to new technologies.
  • High standards for great user experiences.
  • Eliminating friction in development processes.
  • Understanding all the areas of a codebase and recognizing where waste can be reduced.