Independent Consultant

Dec 2017 – Present (Remote)

My recent work has involved the ingestion and visualization of scientific measurements as well as work in novel programming languages.

RiskLens – Senior Software Engineer

Jun 2017 – Dec 2017 (Spokane, WA)

Helped lead the front-end development of FAIR-U - a React + Redux-based app & transitioned the team to TypeScript and other modern front-end tools. Gained experience with a security-focused and process-intensive team.

Independent Consultant

Dec 2014 – Jun 2017 (Remote)

Performed work for various startup and corporate clients, focusing on IOT projects.

TenX Logic – Contract Developer

Oct 2015 – Mar 2016 (Remote)

This project for the oil + gas industry targeted the Mono platform on ARM processors. I designed and implemented a C#-based driver model to control equipment in the field.

Kochava – Senior Developer

Apr 2014 – Nov 2014 (Sandpoint, ID)

Worked on infrastructure and systems to manage large volumes of real-time analytics data. I tackled complex challenges requiring constant inventiveness and collaboration to help the company scale at a rapid rate.

My work centered around Node.js, Redis, Linux, and MongoDB. I also led the early implementation of a scalable high-traffic analytics backend.

Coldwater Creek – Web Developer

Oct 2012 – Apr 2014 (Sandpoint, ID)

Worked with many teams to finish an amazing number of projects. My work on both internal tooling and customer experience put the company ahead of its industry in many respects.

  • Implemented a novel infinite scrolling method and product search which outperformed all competitors.
  • Provided an array of features and user interfaces widgets for website with around one million hits per day.
  • Wrote or re-wrote around 30 internal web-driven tools for e-commerce & marketing teams.
  • Wrote custom jQuery UI powered framework and widgets for tool suite.
  • Initiated effort to significantly improve client-side page load performance.
  • Created a framework allowing mutual embedding between MVC and WebForms to allow a smooth transition off of legacy code.

Promitheia – Technical Director

Sep 2006 – Sep 2012 (Austin, TX)

As co-founder of this startup I was responsible for software design, programming, project management, operations, testing, maintenance, and security.

  • Created complex e-commerce website featuring retail and affiliate marketing management. Owner of dozens of projects within the company.
  • Configured and managed production web servers including Microsoft IIS and LAMP stack.
  • Worked closely with DBA on data-driven applications powered by SQL Server 2008 and ADO.NET.
  • Developed solutions using Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), WCF, and Windows services. Integrated software with various cloud data and web service providers, including AWS, Authorize.NET, and Zencoder.
  • Studied and implemented e-commerce best practices, web security standards, and PCI compliance.
  • Analyzed and selected supporting software and services, including early adoption of technologies such as ASP.NET MVC, jQuery, Amazon Web Services, and distributed source control.